Folium Sennae Granules

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Product Information

  • Indication:To purge heat, remove stagnation and loosen bowel to relieve constipation.
  • Specification:10 g/bag, 6 bags/box
  • Dosage Form:Granule
  • Route of Administration:Oral
  • Shelf Life:2 years
  • Storage:Protected from light
  • Qualification:Chinese GMP


Main Ingredients

 Senna granules



 To purge heat, remove stagnation and loosen bowel to relieve constipation.



 10 g/ bag.



 Taken after dissolved in boiled water, 10 grams (a bag) each time and twice a day.



 Not to be applied by pregnant women.



 1.Crude, cold, spicy, greasy food are forbidden.

 2.If the symptom has not been improved or become aggravated, or new symptoms appear, the patient should stop   taking it immediately and go to see a doctor.

 3.Diabetics should use it with caution.

 4.Allergic constitution should use it with caution.

 5.Baby and those in old age and weak health should use under the medical direction.

 6.It should not be used for patients who have allergic reaction with this medicine, and allergic constitution should use it with caution.

 7.It should not be used when the character of this medicine has changed.

 8.Children should be administered under the supervision of adults.

 9.It should be kept out of reach of children.

10.If in process of using other medicine, please consult with physician or chemist before taking it.


【Drug Interactions】

  If other drug is used at the same time, the drug interactions may occur, please consult physician or chemist the correlative detail.



  Yangzhou Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Do please read the instruction carefully and use it according to the direction or buy and use it by chemist’s suggestion. 

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